Do you travel well?

Taking a holiday can allow you to step off the merry-go-round of life and recharge your batteries but for anyone that dreads flying or driving it can be a very stressful time, both during and in the months leading up to the trip. Some people avoid it altogether which means miss out on this restorative experience.


What’s the alternative?

Instead of feeling stressed, uncomfortable or fearful would you prefer to feel calm, in control and able to enjoy every moment?

The good news is that it is entirely possible to feel this way, for most people 4-6 sessions allow them to update the part of their mind that is responsible for feelings and beliefs – the subconscious mind. The result is that they are no longer anxious in the run-up and the trip itself is no longer daunting but enjoyable and relaxing.


The human mind has 2 parts –The conscious mind, which makes decisions such as where to go, what to wear and what to eat and this makes you feel in control of your life. The subconscious mind orchestrates all your bodily functions like swallowing, breathing, and blinking. It also has beliefs about you and the world around you, which drive how you feel. It is the subconscious mind that is really running the show!


Why do I feel stressed and scared?

The subconscious mind is there to protect you and keep you alive, it’s been doing this job since the hunter-gatherer days when humans needed to run or fight to escape from predators.


When a person feels fear or discomfort it is the subconscious mind that is causing it. It senses danger and creates a physical and emotional response that is designed to make you run away or fight to escape the situation. When you experience fear around flying or driving it is because your subconscious mind is believing that this activity is a threat to your safety and you need to stop. It is trying to protect you and keep you alive by making you avoid it. But with everything we know about travel we know that it is safe and we have a conscious desire to experience it the way other people do.


How can this be changed?

Using a unique combination of talking therapies we can update the subconscious mind from all angles:


· Past – There may be one or more experiences from the past where your mind has taken a meaning from an experience, which is inaccurate, unhelpful or outdated. We can reframe this meaning.

· Present – It is likely that your perception of travel causes a great deal of stress to your subconscious whenever you think about it so we can transform this perception to one of peace.

· Future – If your mind believes that it is unsafe to travel then this can be replaced with a new belief such as ‘It is easy and enjoyable for me to travel’.


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