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David Clarke

Areej Elmaazi
HCPC registered physiotherapist
Diagnostic ultrasounds and Injection Therapy


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Areej is an HCPC registered physiotherapist with over 18 years experience working in musculoskeletal physiotherapy. She has extensive experience working with both NHS and private clients, as well as amateur and professional athletes.  She spent three years with the Northern Thunder netball team, before and during their first Super League win. She has also traveled internationally with the British Women’s Olympic water-polo team.

She now works as an advanced physiotherapy practitioner in both the Buckinghamshire and London areas. Most of her practice is focused on diagnosing the cause of musculoskeletal pain, performing diagnostic ultrasound scans and performing ultrasound guided injections to help resolve pain.

These injections include steroid, plasma rich protein (PRP) and hyaluronic acid, which all have their role in helping to treat ailments such as frozen shoulder, osteoarthritis, tendonitis, meniscal knee injuries and nerve injuries. Areej will always take a detailed history to ensure an injection is a safe an appropriate procedure for your presentation.

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