We are a group of health practitioners and therapists based in The Marlow Club in Buckinghamshire.

Marlow Health provides a service where patients have immediate access to medical services and can then benefit from longer appointments where all their medical issues can be discussed and addressed.

David Clarke


Registered Osteopath

Caroline qualified from The British School of Osteopathy, London in 1990 and for the following two years held various locum and associate positions in a variety of osteopathic practices in and around the London area. In November 1992 Caroline took a 6 month sabbatical and was based in the French Alps developing her passion for skiing as a ski guide for Neilson. On her return from France in 1993 she joined Debbie as an associate osteopath for Marlow Osteopathic Clinic. They have now worked together as osteopaths in Marlow Osteopathic Clinic for over 29 years.

In 1997 Caroline took on a role as manager for The Maple Clinic in Bracknell where she developed the business to form a multi-disciplinary clinic. An opportunity arose in 1999 that allowed her to join the NHS at the King Edward VII Hospital in Windsor where she became part of the team treating musculo-skeletal problems in the Acute Back Pain Clinic. Caroline worked at the hospital until 2004 when she left to have her twin daughters, Lucy and Charlotte.

Caroline has a keen interest in treating sports injuries and has worked with many local rugby, football and hockey teams and ice-skaters. Caroline has also looked after the Ballet Rambert students in Chiswick whilst working in Isleworth.

Osteopathy is a gentle and effective system of manual treatment that helps the body restore itself to normal function and so alleviates symptoms in the joints and soft tissues. We are mostly recognised for treating spinal pain, in particular back pain and neck pain and associated nerve pain such as sciatica. Our abilities to treat peripheral joints are also well recognised and respected, particularly in the field of sports medicine. We treat shoulders, elbows, wrists and hands, hips, knees ankles and feet whether the problems are sports-related or not.

Osteopathy can be of benefit to people of all ages, from children to the elderly. Our treatment helps people who have problems relating to their lifestyle whether their symptoms are due to poor posture, repetitive strain or injury either at work or whilst at home. It is extremely beneficial for expectant mothers who can no longer take medication for the aches and pains that pregnancy can bring.

Our style of osteopathy uses traditional mechanical techniques including soft tissue massage, articulation and manipulation which we combine with rehabilitative exercises and lifestyle advice.We also balance our treatments with the use of dry needling techniques, ultrasound therapy and kinesiology taping where required.

The philosophy of Marlow Osteopathic Clinic is to provide a manual form of treatment that is gentle and complementary to conventional medicine. We use a structural and mechanical approach when diagnosing and treating our patients. The longevity of the practice and previous location of the clinic within the only GP’s surgery in Marlow illustrates that we are respected by the local GPs and have a good working relationship with them.

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