We are a group of health practitioners and therapists based in The Marlow Club in Buckinghamshire.

Marlow Health provides a service where patients have immediate access to medical services and can then benefit from longer appointments where all their medical issues can be discussed and addressed.

David Clarke


Nutritional Therapist

Our diet and lifestyle are crucial in maintaining our well-being and achieving optimal health. Nutritional Therapy aims to uncover potential biochemical imbalances and recommend food, supplements, lifestyle changes, dietary coaching, assessment and support to help people reach their health goals and improve their symptoms. A person’s health goals range from weight management, digestion and gut issues, disease symptom support, eating for a healthy pregnancy, how to nutritionally feed the whole family, menopausal support, PCOS, auto-immune diseases and more.  

We initially take a detailed client history followed by an assessment and analysis of the client’s diet. A glucose monitor is often used to gain real-time feedback on a client’s response to glucose. Diet, lifestyle, supplements and testing recommendations are provided to the client along with nutrition and habit coaching and support. We strive to make clients feel their best self. 

The primary focus of nutritional therapy is looking at evidence-based interventions of diet and habits to optimise health and wellness. Our Nutritional Therapist, Jessica May uses a range of tools to identify the most appropriate nutritional support for her clients. She meticulously assesses a clients diet to identify any vitamin or mineral deficienceies. She often works alongside our GPs and other healthcare professionals here at Marlow Health to identify to ensure that her clients are given the best possible nutritional programmes according to their medical and physical needs.

Jessica May Nutrition is a personalised service that guides clients on Nutrition, specific for them using a functional medicine approach. We believe in discovering the possible root cause of the symptoms you might be experiencing. We specialise in weight management and women health with a focus on nourishing and feeding your gut microbiome to achieve optimum wellness.

Jessica offers a 20 minute free discovery call prior to the initial consultation for you to gain an insight into how she can help support you.