No more waiting for a doctor’s appointment

Our Healthality GPs provide the highest quality healthcare possible either in-person or by telephone consultation, which can be booked directly without long waiting times.

By offering longer appointments, GPs have more time to listen to your health concerns and get a better idea of how your symptoms may be connected. When an overall assessment has been carried out, they have the resources to organise further diagnostic screening tests such as blood tests, X-rays, MRI and CT scans and to refer to medical specialists if necessary.

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Physical therapy rehabilitation exercises set by your therapist as ‘homework’ are important in order for you to build strength, aid proper recovery, and help to control pain.

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Our GPs offer physical, medical and clinical examinations to assess your current medical issues. This includes health and wellness checks to help you become more proactive about your health.

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We’re able to assess your spinal, joint or muscular issues and if necessary can refer you to our MSK specialist for ultrasound diagnostic scanning and joint or muscular cortisone injections.